A 1,500-year-old board game created the latest sports controversy

Norway's world chess champion Magnus Carlsen competes at the 44th Chess Olympiad in Mamallapuram, India, Saturday, July 30, 2022. The Olympics will run through August 10 (AP Photo)

Depart some area within the listing of “the largest scandals in sports activities historical past”, maybe someplace between the 1919 Black Sox objective and Diego Maradona’s “Hand of God” objective on the 1986 World Cup.

The world of chess sways as if it has not been shaken since Ron Weasley’s sinister chess match in “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.” It is a scandal which will or might not be scandalous, involving Norwegian Magnus Carlson, 31, recreation participant LeBron James, and Hans Niemann, 19, who rather well shortly grew to become a suspect.

Chess actually is not precisely a sport, it is only a 1,500-year-old board recreation that for hundreds of years has maintained a grip on the world’s creativeness.

The Geezer Amongst Us remembers Bobby Fisher, an American Chilly Warfare icon whose victory over Boris Spassky in 1972 impressed movies, musicals, psychological research, and an episode of Sugar Historical past. (By the way in which, Richard Nixon forgot to ask Fisher to the White Home, however he bumped into even larger issues after that.)