Milan 0-2 Chelsea: Champions League – as it happened | Champions League

No goals, six yellows and one red for Milan; two goals, three yellows and one worrying injury to Reece James for Chelsea. A deserved win for Graham Potter’s resurgent side, who were bottom of Group E last week and are top of it now.

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Milan hear the half-time whistle. Then different kinds of whistles as their fans give referee Daniel Siebert the bird. Say what you like about severity (or otherwise) of the penalty and red card decision, Chelsea have been magnificent and are well worth their lead.

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This is such a sweet goal! Chelsea ping it around patiently, only to suddenly spring into action. Kovacic rolls a pass towards Mount on the left-hand edge of the D. Mount immediately pings it to his right, intended for Sterling. But Sterling leaves the ball for Aubameyang, who charges in and whips a sensational sidefoot into the bottom right!

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purpose”,”credit score”:”{Photograph}: Alberto Lingria/Reuters”},”displayCredit”:true,”function”:”inline”,”imageSources”:[{“weighting”:”inline”,”srcSet”:[{“src”:””,”width”:620},{“src”:”″,”width”:1240},{“src”:”″,”width”:605},{“src”:”″,”width”:1210},{“src”:”″,”width”:445},{“src”:”″,”width”:890}]},{“weighting”:”thumbnail”,”srcSet”:[{“src”:””,”width”:140},{“src”:””,”width”:280},{“src”:”″,”width”:120},{“src”:”″,”width”:240}]},{“weighting”:”supporting”,”srcSet”:[{“src”:”″,”width”:380},{“src”:””,”width”:760},{“src”:”″,”width”:300},{“src”:””,”width”:600},{“src”:””,”width”:620},{“src”:”″,”width”:1240},{“src”:”″,”width”:605},{“src”:”″,”width”:1210},{“src”:”″,”width”:445},{“src”:”″,”width”:890}]},{“weighting”:”showcase”,”srcSet”:[{“src”:””,”width”:860},{“src”:”″,”width”:1720},{“src”:””,”width”:780},{“src”:””,”width”:1560},{“src”:””,”width”:620},{“src”:”″,”width”:1240},{“src”:”″,”width”:605},{“src”:”″,”width”:1210},{“src”:”″,”width”:445},{“src”:”″,”width”:890}]},{“weighting”:”halfwidth”,”srcSet”:[{“src”:””,”width”:620},{“src”:”″,”width”:1240},{“src”:”″,”width”:605},{“src”:”″,”width”:1210},{“src”:”″,”width”:445},{“src”:”″,”width”:890}]},{“weighting”:”immersive”,”srcSet”:[{“src”:””,”width”:1900},{“src”:”″,”width”:3800},{“src”:”″,”width”:1300},{“src”:”″,”width”:2600},{“src”:”″,”width”:1140},{“src”:””,”width”:2280},{“src”:”″,”width”:980},{“src”:”″,”width”:1960},{“src”:””,”width”:740},{“src”:””,”width”:1480},{“src”:””,”width”:660},{“src”:”″,”width”:1320},{“src”:””,”width”:480},{“src”:”″,”width”:960}]}],”elementId”:”3ffc5297-03b0-4a9c-9ade-16a6b6d3c3af”},{“_type”:”mannequin.dotcomrendering.pageElements.ImageBlockElement”,”media”:{“allImages”:[{“index”:0,”fields”:{“height”:”1491″,”width”:”2485″},”mediaType”:”Image”,”mimeType”:”image/jpeg”,”url”:””},{“index”:1,”fields”:{“isMaster”:”true”,”height”:”1491″,”width”:”2485″},”mediaType”:”Image”,”mimeType”:”image/jpeg”,”url”:””},{“index”:2,”fields”:{“height”:”1200″,”width”:”2000″},”mediaType”:”Image”,”mimeType”:”image/jpeg”,”url”:””},{“index”:3,”fields”:{“height”:”600″,”width”:”1000″},”mediaType”:”Image”,”mimeType”:”image/jpeg”,”url”:””},{“index”:4,”fields”:{“height”:”300″,”width”:”500″},”mediaType”:”Image”,”mimeType”:”image/jpeg”,”url”:””},{“index”:5,”fields”:{“height”:”84″,”width”:”140″},”mediaType”:”Image”,”mimeType”:”image/jpeg”,”url”:””}]},”information”:{“alt”:”Chelsea’s Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang celebrates scoring their second purpose”,”caption”:”He loved that one”,”credit score”:”{Photograph}: Alberto 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Milan 0-2 Chelsea (Aubameyang 34)”,”contributors”:[],”primaryDateLine”:”Tue 11 Oct 2022 17.24 EDT”,”secondaryDateLine”:”First revealed on Tue 11 Oct 2022 14.00 EDT”},{“id”:”6345c2458f08253e9d65942d”,”parts”:[{“_type”:”model.dotcomrendering.pageElements.TextBlockElement”,”html”:”

Jorginho calmly rolls the penalty into the bottom left. Tătăruşanu, having been given the eyes, goes the wrong way. Chelsea lead!

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18 min: Mount bustles into the Milan box down the right. Tomori tugs at his shoulder. Mount stays on his feet and tries to lob Tătăruşanu. The keeper blocks, but the referee points at the spot and flashes red at the former Chelsea defender!

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AC Milan: Tatarusanu, Kalulu Kyatengwa, Gabbia, Tomori, Hernandez, Bennacer, Tonali, Diaz, Krunic, Leao, Giroud.
Subs: Toure, Rebic, Dest, Origi, Messias, Pobega, Mirante, Coubis, Jungdal.


Chelsea: Arrizabalaga, Chalobah, Thiago Silva, Koulibaly, James, Jorginho, Kovacic, Chilwell, Mount, Sterling, Aubameyang.
Subs: Pulisic, Loftus-Cheek, Bettinelli, Mendy, Broja, Zakaria, Gallagher, Azpilicueta, Havertz, Chukwuemeka, Cucurella.


Referee: Daniel Siebert (Germany).

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Last week this happened …

“,”elementId”:”d15997db-8c62-4657-a543-0091f9b21330″},{“_type”:”model.dotcomrendering.pageElements.RichLinkBlockElement”,”url”:””,”text”:”Chelsea 3-0 Milan: Champions League – as it happened”,”prefix”:”Related: “,”role”:”thumbnail”,”elementId”:”30b69d29-0b2b-42fb-80e9-c316cd9df05d”},{“_type”:”model.dotcomrendering.pageElements.TextBlockElement”,”html”:”

… and now Group E is much easier on Chelsea’s eye. Graham Potter’s side dominated Milan at Stamford Bridge last week, and if they put in a similar performance tonight at San Siro, they’ll take a huge step towards the knockout phase. Or will Milan bounce back and throw everything up in the air again? Kick off is at 8pm BST. It’s on!












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Pos Team P GD Pts
1 Red Bull Salzburg 3 1 5
2 Chelsea 3 2 4
3 AC Milan 3 -1 4
4 Dinamo Zagreb 3 -2 3

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foremost occasions

Jacob Steinberg was in Milan and his report is right here. Thanks for studying this MBM. My nighty night time!

Graham Potter talking to BT Sport. “Coming right here and successful isn’t straightforward, that is for positive. Even credit score to the gamers. They have been actually good. We had a little bit of luck with the opponent down to 10, however the efficiency was good general. It is good to maintain a clear sheet once more.” “Going three factors is nice for us. I did not watch the expulsion but it surely seems to be like he is holding his hand and Mason had hit the purpose however I will want to have a look at him once more It was a pleasant transfer to get there within the first place.” the primary “.

With the Zagreb match between Dinamo and Salzburg ending 1-1, that is what Group E seems to be like tonight. Enjoyable learn for Chelsea. Not a lot for the Italian champions.

Full time: Milan 0-2 Chelsea

No objectives, six yellow and one purple for Milan; Two objectives, three yellows and one worrying harm to Reece James for Chelsea. A deserved win for the rookie facet of Graham Potter, who have been on the backside of Group E final week and at the moment are high.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang
Improbable Flip: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang celebrates his purpose Picture: Antonio Calani/The Related Press

90 min +4: Loftus-Cheek has a strike. The ball breaks from Havertz to Gallagher, whose shot is blocked by Titorchano. Then the flag rises for offside.

90 min +3: Milan followers proceed to make nice noise, regardless that their staff as soon as once more provides them little or no to sing about.

90 min +1: Some house for Origi on the backside left. Origi steps again and walks towards the field, earlier than attempting to shock Kiba with a low shot down the left. The Chelsea goalkeeper stands behind him all the best way.

90 minutes: That is it for Chilwell, who’s advantageous, however he is been changed by Cucurella. Ballo-Toure then goes to the guide to glide by means of Azpilicueta. There shall be 4 extra minutes.

89 minutes: Tonali was booked for sticking an arm by means of Chilwell’s throat.

88 minutes: Azpilicueta slips on the correct and cuts to Gallagher, 12 yards away. Gallagher cannot prepare his toes for a shot. The ball is handed again to Chilwell, who pulls a speculative ball extensive to the correct.

86 minutes: Gallagher was booked for a brunch on the Ballo-Toure.

84 minutes: Below stress of any form, Gabia rolled a move out of play for a throw. A method or one other, it wasn’t Milan night time.

82 minutes: Extra possession by Chelsea. The clock is ticking. And abruptly Jorginho sank within the center in favor of Havertz, who shall be free within the penalty space, however is unable to drop the ball over his shoulder.

80 minutes: Aubameyang provides approach to Havertz, whereas Palo Toure and Origi are available within the place of Liao and Hernandez.

79 minutes: House followers whistle. The distant part breaks Ulysses. Tonali, annoyed, lifts Jorginho for Jackie. Nothing too tough, so simply ticking.

78 minutes: Chelsea is cruising for enjoyable now, consuming time in opposition to the ten males with careless ease.

76 minutes: Loftus-Cheek makes a move down the left inside channel for Aubameyang, who improvises a scoop shot by means of Tătăruşanu which solely floats within the high proper nook. Actually, the ball takes a slight deflection, regardless that nothing comes out of the ensuing angle.

75 minutes: Shalloba makes horrific balls out of an extended ball down the center. He misfires on management after which falls, permitting Liu to tear the ball aside. Leao should move the ball to Rebic, simply to his left. Had he achieved that, Rebek would have been free. However he hesitates, selecting to go alone, and permits Shaluba to make up for his mistake by going again and serving to Coulibaly fend off him.

73 minutes: Chelsea run the match in a trouble-free method. They hardly missed out this night.

71 minutes: Shaloba digs from afar. no. In the meantime, Milan followers are making their very own leisure, and a number of noise. Regardless of all this, they introduced one environment of hell tonight.

70 minutes: There’s a penalty kick by the VAR. It isn’t completely clear what its function is. Gabia wrestles with Jorginho within the aforementioned nook, maybe. no matter. The VAR isn’t .

69 minutes: Loftus-Cheek feeds Azpilicueta who earns Chelsea a nook kick down the correct. Half of the chosen lot has been evacuated by Milan. Chilwell goes for a surprising from 30 yards. no.

67 minutes: Pobega clips Loftus-Cheek on the toe, and goes to the guide. Milan followers are predictably offended, however their participant by no means will get near the ball.

65 minutes: A sense in the meanwhile is that each groups will fortunately announce the consequence now. Nothing occurs a lot.

63 minutes: Milan reply by changing Benasser, Giroud Pribec and Boubiga.

62 minutes: James is changed by Azpilicueta, whereas Sterling provides approach to Loftus-Cheek.

61 minutes: Ah, this isn’t excellent news. Deest James simply overtook there, and now the Chelsea defender is down once more. He clearly feels his knee and will not be capable of proceed. He is a minimum of capable of stand up and out below his energy, however he seems to be apprehensive, the World Cup is arising, all that.

60 minutes: Leao runs the jets and whistles down the left seam. Lengthy spins for dest, coming from the opposite facet. Dest has time to the touch, get into the field, line up the shot… then shine carelessly extensive and excessive. Large probability.

58 minutes: Excellent news: James is again after vogue, and he is completely happy to proceed. Chelsea’s hearts have been within the mouths for a second there. Only for a second or two, it appeared grim.

Mateo Kovacic heads the ball over Sergino Dest Milan
Mateo Kovacic heads the ball over Sergino Dest Milan Picture: Antonio Calani/The Related Press

56 minutes: James stretches to drop the ball off Hernandez’s toe, then lands awkwardly. He fell injured in his proper knee. I hope it isn’t a severe improvement, but it surely appears to be in a number of ache.

54 minutes: Kovacic makes a move down the left to Chilwell, who whistled low cross by means of the six-yard space. Aubameyang and Sterling cannot fairly get there. The ball is recycled to Kovacic, who misses a shot off the sting of D.. The ball hits Aubameyang, who tries to make a flick previous Tătăruşanu, however the goalkeeper blocks nicely.

53 minutes: Chilwell hits it lengthy however Silva cannot join correctly within the far stick. Milan wipes their traces.

52 minutes: Gabia was pressured to concede a nook kick as Aubameyang pressed him down the left. Chilwell to take.

50 minutes: James meets with a cross move from the left and collects a weak shot on the correct vary. Chelsea are urgent for a 3rd purpose that may absolutely rid them of any lingering doubt.

49 minutes: Chalobah makes a mild move down the correct inside channel for Gallagher, who enters the penalty space and passes Tătăruşanu to the correct of the goalkeeper. Gallagher tries to open from a slim angle, however he can solely discover the facet grille.

48 minutes: Dest cuts from the within from the correct and Tonali slides to clear the canal. Tonali returns to a crowded chest, however Silva is about to do away with the Giroud who’s lurking him.

47 minutes: Chelsea beats him patiently. Jorginho then points a move down the left and will get near firing Chilwell into the field. Chilwell obtained it unsuitable and the flag pops up for offside anyway.

Milan begins the second half. Conor Gallagher comes with Magnificent Mason Mount, who did greater than sufficient to earn some downtime.

Administrative replace. Within the wake of the large determination, each Mount and Giroud have been booked, almost certainly as a consequence of extreme throbbing within the neck. So, with one participant already despatched off, there are 5 extra misdemeanors away from becoming a member of Tomori for early showers: Giroud, Gabbia and Kronich for AC Milan and Mount and Sterling for Chelsea. There have been 17 free kicks in that half, most of which conceded Chelsea (ten).

For the report, BT Sport analyst Rio Ferdinand agrees with the penalty determination and purple card. “Nowhere else on the sphere, [Tomori’s tug on Chilwell] Will probably be known as as an error. The rulebook states that if there isn’t a intention to play the ball, and it doesn’t exist, you’ll obtain a purple card. The principles are the foundations. I do not essentially agree with them, I will all the time get upset, however the guidelines are the foundations.”

Half time commercial. Open an account now! Open an account now! open an account now? Open an account now!

First half: Milan 0-2 Chelsea

Milan hear the whistle on the finish of the primary half. Then several types of whistles as followers give the referee Daniel Seibert the Flying. Say what you want concerning the severity (or in any other case) of the penalty determination and purple card, Chelsea have been implausible and need to be high.

Chelsea's Jorginho has a green laser pointed at his face as he takes a penalty
Chelsea’s Jorginho has a inexperienced laser pointed at his face as he takes a penalty Images: Fabrizio Carabelli/Penn

45 min +4: The set up swings from the free kick within the mixer. Liao headed clear. Milan really want to listen to the halftime whistle.

45 min +3: James falls to the correct and is tossed by Gabia, who’s already booked. Only a free kick. Milan is actually rocking the tightrope right here.

45 min +2: Chelsea spend the primary two additional minutes hitting the ball.

45 minutes: There shall be an additional 5 minutes within the first half. This provides Harriet Osborne time to take care of my description (37 minutes) of Sergino Dest. The “most defensive vacation spot” generally is a bit deceptive. It’s basically america’ response to Trent Alexander Arnold. Nice going ahead (particularly for his nation) however lacks protection a bit.”

44 minutes: Mount simply spins away from Hernández, taking a step down the correct inside channel earlier than firing a low shot in direction of the underside proper. Tătăruşanu wants to increase itself at full energy to be able to go across the shaft. Nothing comes from the ensuing angle. The mountain was good tonight. He takes half in each objectives, and could be very comfy in possession. It deserves a pay increase!

43 minutes: Within the different Group E match, Robert Ljubicic equalized for Dinamo Zagreb in opposition to Salzburg. It is 1-1 at Maksimir Stadium.

42 minutes: James finds himself with house and time on the correct. He has a number of teammates within the penalty space, however he floats an uncharacteristically poor cross for a purpose kick. He has the great grace to apologize to his mates.

41 minutes: Chelsea’s eleven males hit the ball in the course of the backyard, simply because they will. Milan’s ten males cannot get near him.

39 minutes: Leao drops his shoulder and earns a nook kick down the left. Hernandez hits her lengthy. Jiro rises to the highest of the far submit, ten yards away, however he cannot maintain his head down and the ball sails unhurt to the runway.

37 minutes: …and with that in thoughts, Diaz has been changed by the defensive-minded Dest.

36 minutes: Kruni is within the guide now, for the final noggin’s loss. Milan really want to relax right here. What occurred has occurred, and there’s a very lengthy approach to go.

35 minutes: This was a scrumptious ending. Tătăruşanu was absolutely anticipating Aubameyang to shoot him down in direction of the left. no!


Felix leads Florence Field, Rublev and Murray in Gijon: Scout Report | ATP . round

Florence and Gijon will host a troublesome indoor match this week as two strongfields compete within the ATP 250 double championship from October 10-16.

Felix Auger-Aliassime is the highest seed within the UniCredit Firenze Open because the ATP Tour returns to Florence for the primary time since 1994. Matteo Berrettini and Lorenzo Mossetti are amongst these hoping for a house win within the Italian metropolis.

Andrey Rublev leads the lottery on the Gijon Open, the place Andy Murray and Dominic Thiem will even compete. Pablo Carreno Busta and Roberto Bautista Agut lead house hopes in northwest Spain. seems at 5 issues to look at for at each occasion.

WTA Live |  Follow the Pepperstone ATP race to Turin in real time

Watch cartoons: Florence | Gijon

5 issues to see in Florence

1) Felix shoots in Florence?: Auger-Aliassime might be trying ahead to a robust response to his first-round exit in Astana final week as the highest seed in Florence. The Canadian did effectively on the indoor exhausting courtroom in 2022, lifting his first ATP Tour title in Rotterdam in February earlier than reaching the ultimate in Marseille per week later. Profitable straight units over Novak Djokovic on the Laver Cup in London two weeks in the past might additionally give the 22-year-old confidence early within the match towards Marton Vosovic or Oscar Otti in Italy.

A very good week in Florence could possibly be key to Auger-Aliassime’s hopes of qualifying for the Nitto ATP Finals for the primary time. The Canadian is at the moment eighth within the Pepperstone ATP Reside Race To Turin.

2) Brittini seeks to strengthen Turin: Berrettini leads the Italian mission because the ATP Tour returns to Florence for the primary time since 1994. Like Auger-Aliassime, second seed Berrettini might bestow his hopes of qualifying for the Nitto ATP Finals in a fine addition with a deep tour of his homeland. The Italian holds a document 29-10 this season, a tally that features grasscourt titles in Stuttgart and at Queen’s Membership, and is at the moment fifteenth within the Pepperstone ATP Reside Race To Turin.

Observe this week’s process

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3) American Classifiers: Three Individuals with sturdy seasons on tour hope to carry their greatest recreation to the indoor exhausting courts in Florence. Fourth seed Maxime Cressi and eighth seed Brandon Nakashima every claimed their first ATP Tour titles of the season in Newport and San Diego, respectively, whereas sixth seed Jenson Broxby reached the finals in Dallas and Atlanta.

4) Younger Italians sit up for admiration: Musetti leads a workforce of 4 #NextGenATP Italians trying to make their mark in entrance of their house followers. The Hamburg champion, who already certified for the next-generation ATP Finals in November, is the third seed in Florence. His compatriot Lorenzo Sonego, the Metz champion two weeks in the past, is a possible second-round opponent.

You might also like: Musette & Rune Qualify For Intesa Sanpaolo Subsequent Gen ATP Finals

Francesco Passaro, Giulio Ziberi and Francesco Maestrelli are the opposite younger Italians within the Florence lottery. The world’s 123rd ranked Passaro is the top-ranked of the trio – the 21-year-old has reached 5 finals (profitable as soon as) on the ATP Challenger Tour in 2022 and is at the moment ninth within the Pepperstone ATP Reside Race To Milan.

5) Koolhof / Skupski leads the sector of sturdy doubles: Wesley Koelhoff and Neil Skopsky might be chasing their seventh title in 2022 in Florence, with their rivals that includes Astana champion Nikola Mektic and Matt Pavic. Evan Dodig/Austin Krajicek and Wimbledon champion Matthew Ebden/Max Purcell, who’re twelfth and thirteenth within the Pepperstone ATP Reside Doubles Groups rankings, respectively, are additionally seeded in Italy.

5 issues to see in GIJON

1) Rublev Leads Subject: At Spherical 11 stage Rublev is the highest seed as she visits the ATP Gijon Tour for the primary time. The 24-year-old arrived in northwest Spain in good condition, having boosted his run to the US Open quarter-finals in September with a semi-final look in Astana this week.

Presently sixth within the Pepperstone ATP Reside Race To Turin, Rublev might be looking for a robust displaying at Gijon as he goals to qualify for the Nitto ATP Finals in November for the third yr in a row.

2) PCB Lead Spanish Cost: 4 out of the eight seeded within the Gijon draw are the favorites at house. Second seed Carino Busta might be trying to reclaim the extent that earned him his first ATP Masters 1000 title in Montreal in August, whereas third seed Bautista Agut is chasing his ninth hardcourt title – however his first indoors.

Alejandro Davidovich Fochina and Albert Ramos-Vinolas are the sixth and eighth seed respectively, whereas former world quantity 12 Feliciano Lopez enters the draw as a wild card.

Relief from the Ukraine crisis

3) Murray Chases first title of the yr: Regardless of reaching the finals in Sydney and Stuttgart this season, former world primary Murray remains to be chasing his first ATP title since his 2019 win in Antwerp. The British wild card has a tough begin in Gijon, the place he meets Davidovich Fokina within the first spherical. This would be the pair’s first ATP Head2Head assembly.

4) Tim to shine in Spain?: Tim might be trying to construct on latest indicators that he’s discovering his greatest kind after returning to the Tour in April after a wrist harm. A former indoor hard-court champion in Saint Petersburg and Vienna, Tim has received his final six first-round matches on the ATP Tour occasions. And he’ll search to increase that spherical in Gijon towards the Portuguese, ranked 62nd on this planet, Joao Sousa.

5) Doubles groups Chase Touraine: Prime seed Marcel Granollers and Horacio Zeballos might cement their fifth spot within the Pepperstone ATP Reside Tag Workforce Rankings with a strong week in Gijon. The Spanish-Argentine duo are chasing their third consecutive look on the Nitto ATP Finals in Turin in November.

Additionally looking for to spice up their hopes of qualifying for the top of the season with a profitable journey to Spain, second seed Simon Bolelli and Fabio Fognini (at the moment ninth within the race), Rafael Matos and David Vega Hernandez (at the moment 14th within the race) in Tokyo.


The referees for Monday’s match are chiefs as bad as Biden’s appointees

Opinion and remark

Editorials and different opinion content material present views on points essential to our group and are unbiased of the work of our newsroom reporters.

The writer of this letter says that Washington's incompetence has reached Arrowhead's court.

The author of this letter says that Washington’s incompetence has reached Arrowhead’s court docket.

Related Press

DC-level petty

In mild of the calls on the Chiefs’ recreation Monday evening and the Tampa Bay recreation on Sunday, you would mistake the officers for President Joe Biden’s appointees. The extent of incompetence is similar to something in Washington nowadays. Is there a connection we aren’t aware of?

– Bob Perry, oak orchard

It should occur

I see The New York Instances lists all however one of many NFL soccer workforce’s mascots of match and match tales, which lists it as “Kansas Metropolis”—maybe alluding to anticipating a reputation change modeled on the Washington and Cleveland Guardians baseball leaders.

I used to be a sports activities photographer for the Kansas Metropolis Star from 1974 to 1977. My suggestion is to alter the phrase “chiefs” to “shares”, maybe reflecting the lengthy, exact passes of Patrick Mahomes whereas maintaining the brand change on the merchandise and stadium itself.

It is about time, Kansas Metropolis. it’s time.

– George Olson, Beaverton, Oregon

Honor Bartle

Debate continues about whether or not the Kansas Metropolis Chiefs’ title or references are offensive to Native American tradition. Whereas it seems to be like it is going to take numerous time to rename the Kansas Metropolis Kings, for instance, maybe a step ahead is to acknowledge the title of the person the workforce is meant to be named after: H. Roe Bartle. For the reason that title “Arrowhead” is merely a reference to Native American portraits, might the stadium be renamed H. Roe Bartle Stadium?

– Michael Scriven, Springfield, Missouri

push their means

Appears to be like just like the royals are going to demand that we construct them a brand new $1 billion stadium, and so they don’t need us to vote on it.

I visited greater than 100 individuals, and nobody wished an uncomfortable stadium within the metropolis heart with poor road entry. The one particular person I do know who desires it lives in North Kansas Metropolis and assumes they will not need to pay for it.

If the royals need a new stadium, allow them to pay for it themselves.

– Ken Landis, Blue Springs

digging meso

I headed to Columbia in 1945, and he was the primary scholar in my household to attend the College of Missouri. The soccer season was one thing to sit up for. The thrill of a high-quality Tiger workforce has at all times been anticipated, but it surely saddens me to write down this letter. You see, I’ve at all times bled black and gold.

To be honest, Mizzou has by no means been within the elite ranks with the likes of Alabama, Ohio State and Oklahoma, however we have at all times had wonderful coaches—Don Forrott, Dan Devine and Gary Pinkel. We have at all times put collectively a powerful workforce. Now we have had an amazing custom of competing with one of the best, with occasional disruption, and for a few years within the care of the Jayhawks.

At the moment, tigers rank final within the Southeast Convention in most classes. We’re at one of the best convention within the nation, however now we’re doormat for the SEC. One thing have to be carried out.

– Carl J. D. Capo, Kansas Metropolis

have a fever

I’ve develop into more and more conscious of the polarization of political views, however solely not too long ago have I actually internalized the division. A lifelong good friend was visiting from the again east, and I requested her if she wished {a magazine} I had simply completed studying. She stated no, as a result of Jill Biden was on the quilt.

Strolling this week, I noticed a neighbor I did not know exterior her home, and I complimented her on the most recent updates. I assumed we had been on a goodwill go to, and I discussed that I used to be because of converse for Governor Laura Kelly and Consultant Charice Davids. She turned, went to her home and slammed her entrance door in my face. I’m 75 and have by no means obtained such impolite and abrupt remedy in my total life, together with 10 years of interior metropolis social work.

I used to be shocked that our nation’s politics had develop into so polarized and divisive. The place will all this division finish?

– Andrea Hickerson, Lloyd


New Zealand proposes taxing cow burps and urine to tackle climate change

The New Zealand authorities on Tuesday proposed taxing the greenhouse gases cattle produce from burping and urinating as a part of a plan to deal with local weather change.

The federal government stated the farm tax could be the primary of its form on the planet, and that farmers ought to be capable to offset the price by charging extra charges for climate-friendly merchandise.

However farmers shortly condemned the plan. The business’s important lobbying group, Federated Farmers, stated the plan would “rip the center out of a small New Zealand city” and see farms changed by timber.

Federated Farmers President Andrew Hoggard stated farmers have been attempting to work with the federal government for greater than two years on a plan to chop emissions that will not scale back meals manufacturing.

cow burp

FILE – A photograph taken on August 10, 2022 exhibits cows being milked on a dairy farm close to Cambridge within the Waikato area of New Zealand. (William West/AFP through Getty Photos)

“Our plan was to maintain farmers in agriculture,” Hoggard stated. As an alternative, he stated, farmers would promote their farms “so shortly that you simply would not even hear the canines barking on the again of the pickup truck as they drove.”

Opposition lawmakers from the conservative ACT celebration stated the plan would successfully improve emissions all over the world by shifting agriculture to different international locations that had been much less environment friendly at making meals.

New Zealand’s farming business is important to its financial system. Dairy merchandise, together with these used to make toddler method in China, are the nation’s largest supply of exports.

There are solely 5 million individuals in New Zealand however there are about 10 million cows and dairy cows and 26 million head of sheep.

Huge business has made New Zealand uncommon in that about half of its greenhouse fuel emissions come from farms. Livestock produce the gases that heat the planet, particularly methane from livestock burps and nitrous oxide from their urine.

Cow Burp1.jpg

FILE – Photograph taken on August 10, 2022, exhibits an aerial view of cows on a dairy farm close to Cambridge within the Waikato area of New Zealand. (William West/AFP through Getty Photos)

The New Zealand controversy is a part of a broader international account of agriculture’s influence on the atmosphere and steps that some say are essential to mitigate.

Within the Netherlands, farmers dumped hay bales on roads and drove tractors alongside busy highways to protest authorities proposals to scale back emissions of dangerous pollution.

In New Zealand, the federal government has pledged to scale back greenhouse fuel emissions and make the nation carbon impartial by 2050. A part of that plan features a pledge that it’s going to scale back methane emissions from cattle by 10% by 2030 and by as much as 47% by 2050.

Underneath the federal government’s proposed plan, farmers would begin paying for emissions in 2025, and costs have but to be set.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern stated all cash collected from the proposed farm tax could be returned to business to fund new know-how, analysis and incentive funds to farmers.

“New Zealand farmers are set to be the primary to scale back agricultural emissions on the planet, positioning our largest export marketplace for the aggressive benefit they create in a world more and more conscious of the place their meals comes from,” Ardern stated.

Agriculture Minister Damien O’Connor stated it was an thrilling alternative for New Zealand and its farmers.

“Farmers are already affected by the influence of local weather change with extra droughts and common floods,” O’Connor stated. “Taking the lead on agricultural emissions is sweet for the atmosphere and our financial system.”

The Liberal Labor authorities’s proposal traces again to the same however unsuccessful proposal by a earlier Labor authorities in 2003 to tax cattle for methane emissions.

Farmers additionally vehemently opposed the concept on the time, and political opponents derided it as a “fart tax” – though a “belching tax” would technically have been extra correct as a result of most methane emissions come from belching. The federal government finally deserted the plan.

In keeping with opinion polls, Ardern’s Labor Social gathering has fallen behind and slid from the primary opposition Nationwide Social gathering since Ardern received a second time period in 2020 in a landslide victory of historic proportions.

If the Ardern authorities can not attain settlement on the proposal with farmers, who wield vital political affect in New Zealand, it can seemingly make it tougher for Ardern to win re-election subsequent yr when the nation returns to the polls.


Verstappen was on ‘Another Planet’ this year

Verstappen clinched the 2022 title together with his dominant victory at Suzuka final weekend, with 4 races remaining.

There was some confusion after science over whether or not or not full factors will likely be awarded regardless of the quick race distance, however not like final 12 months’s Abu Dhabi closing, controversy has not clouded the success.

It was the staff’s sixth drivers’ title after Sebastian Vettel scored 4 wins in 2010-13.

“To try this with 4 races left, I imply, it is actually a fantastic efficiency,” Horner mentioned when requested by if he might take pleasure in that success greater than final 12 months.

“And I feel Max was on one other planet this 12 months, he dominated this event, pushed by such maturity, such conviction.

“And I feel, after all, it is lots much less controversial than the final race in Abu Dhabi, which was an enormous battle final 12 months. The largest standout for us is the choice makers.

“So after eight years, no different staff has come near successful it, and hopefully we will carry that residence this 12 months as properly.”

Horner acknowledged the totally different circumstances in comparison with final 12 months.

“Profitable the championship is successful the championship,” he mentioned. “And that, I feel, is far decrease blood strain than in Abu Dhabi. However it means the identical quantity.

“And for Max, who turned world champion final 12 months and held that primary place within the automobile, he drove with that conviction this 12 months, and he defended the title in a dominant style. It was a pleasure to see him attain one other degree this 12 months.”

Race winner and F1 World Drivers' Champion 2022 Max Verstappen, Red Bull Racing

Race winner and F1 World Drivers’ Champion 2022 Max Verstappen, Crimson Bull Racing

Photograph by: Crimson Bull Content material Pool

Horner agreed that drivers typically face much less strain after successful their first title, permitting them to take one other step.

“I feel final 12 months was such a heavyweight showdown between two giants,” he mentioned.

“And I feel after he had that world championship final 12 months, it occurred with Sebastian and it occurred once more with Max, he simply took that strain off his shoulders from expectations, and he simply went out and crushed him out of the park this 12 months.

“He is within the form of his life, he is main extremely properly, the staff is working at an exceptionally excessive degree, and the energy and depth now we have all through the group is super.

“And we’re very pleased with him, and clearly we will take pleasure in this second. However shortly concentrate on the producers facet of the tables.” Chico [Perez] And that secured second place within the championship.”

Suzuka’s win wasn’t an easy win, as Verstappen virtually misplaced to Charles Leclerc within the first nook, and needed to work his manner as much as the lead.

“Our begin was horrible, he is obtained fairly a little bit of a spin,” Horner mentioned. “However then he went to the previous karting line across the exterior. And he was completely dedicated.

“I spoke to him on the intermission and he mentioned, ‘Look, I used to be going for that.'” Charles gave him sufficient area, made the motion regular.

Regardless of the obvious ease with which he opened a lead, it was removed from a straight afternoon for Verstappen or his staff.

“There is a super quantity happening,” Horner mentioned. “I imply, the circuit is absolutely beginning to dry up. And these tires don’t like energy, particularly within the first sector, you are able to do a number of harm to them, and Max has managed the slip, managed the temperature, took care of these tires, and ultimately, she had lots readily available. Hand.

“We thought we would get one level quick. So we’re enjoying with the thought of ​​pitting [to get fastest lap], however wasn’t positive if Checo would go Charles or not. However look, I imply, Max Verstappen has been nice this 12 months.

“After two robust races early within the season, the best way the staff bounced again, the best way it drives, they dominated this championship. And once more, that was a very dominant drive at present.

What did he do? 25 seconds on Charles on 20 odd laps was an enormous efficiency at present. With Chico in second place too.

“It is nice for him and his championship, for the constructors, it is massive factors too. So very happy with the outcome, and I feel Max is a extremely deserved champion.”

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Viewpoint: The still shaky future of alternative meat markets

T“Past meat is past hope,” says the Wall Road Journal. Its inventory decreased from $14 billion (2019) to $1.6 billion. The potential remains to be there however might not be realized till alternate options develop into cheaper and more healthy than different proteins. It is nonetheless about twice as costly right here, but it surely’s really cheaper within the Netherlands.

Beyond Meat Vegan Meat Alternatives Company
Credit score: Reuters
  • Give or take, there are 630,000 head of cattle, 2,675,000 pigs, and 179,000,000 chickens slaughtered weekly in america (supply: NASS).
  • The world inhabitants is anticipated to develop by 2 billion individuals within the subsequent 30 years, from 7.7 to 9.7 billion.
  • Livestock accounts for as much as 80% of the world’s agricultural land however produces solely 20% of the world’s caloric provide. Cows alone occupy 127.4 acres of land for pasture and forage in america (about 41% of the entire US land).
  • It takes 100 instances the land space to provide energy from beef or lamb versus vegetarian alternate options.
  • Using antibiotics in livestock stays a serious risk to people.

There may be not sufficient land to supply animal protein to the world’s rising inhabitants. As well as, the entire concept that different proteins are “pretend” in comparison with animal protein is a false impression.

Cows have additionally been bred to adapt to drought and altering meals provides. The primary cattle had been bred someplace within the Fertile Crescent about 10,500 years in the past. Earlier than Chillingham cattle (pictured above), cows had been initially bigger and extra ferocious which made them troublesome to catch. In the long run, nonetheless, a British farmer needed to elevate the cattle to be bigger and extra meaty.

Europeans started elevating pigs 11,000 years in the past to eliminate their tusks and coarse fur and produce fatty, tender meat.

For hen, Tom Standage factors out at edible human historical past, “…Rooster as we all know it doesn’t exist in nature, and wouldn’t exist immediately with out human intervention… The straightforward reality is that farming is very unnatural.”

Folks love the style of meat and that alone explains why vegetarian meat and different different varieties exist. Threatened by these new types of meals, producers and others name them “pretend” meat. Though if human intervention makes it pretend, all meals are pretend. Plus, the ingredient listing, the precise chemical substances, between the hamburger and the Not possible Burger, exhibits an extended listing of chemical substances in each.

Components of Some Key Nutrients in a Vegetarian Diet
Credit score: Each day Bron

Here is one other attention-grabbing truth: We cannot be going again to work the best way we did and lots of workplace buildings, eating places, and presumably malls could also be abandoned. What are we going to do with them? One chance is to make use of this house to develop proteins and different macronutrients utilizing micro-fermentation and different new meals applied sciences. Some may also be used for vertical plantings. This accomplishes a number of issues directly. Our meals is extra more likely to be pathogen-free, is healthier for the surroundings and could be produced close to communities the place meals insecurity is a matter. In the long run, meals also needs to be cheaper, and could be manipulated extra rapidly to be extra nutritious.

Huge meals firms can see what’s coming and spend money on plenty of rising meals manufacturers utilizing new applied sciences. It is referred to as “artistic destruction,” and the way humanity progresses. Sure, meaning some conventional jobs will not be obtainable, simply because it occurred to those that developed Kodak’s digital camera photographs, manufacturing employees changed with 3D printers, agricultural employees changed with automation, and job holders changed with Certainly. Return and see how those that made the buggy brokers misplaced their buggy to vandalism.

Understandably, incumbent producers and ranchers would attempt to scare individuals away from new applied sciences and denigrate meals as “pretend” or “unnatural,” however, like Sisyphus, they might roll that rock up a hill endlessly solely to see it again off. Between the economic system, feeding extra of the world’s inhabitants, environmental considerations, and consuming protected and wholesome, I would not suppose that different proteins and different new meals “beat hope.”

Richard A. Williams is an economist and writer. He’s Chairman of the Board of Administrators of the Middle for Fact in Science and on the Advisory Board of the Institute for the Development of the Science of Meals and Diet. He served as Chief Social Scientist on the Meals and Drug Administration’s Middle for Meals Security and Utilized Diet for 27 years. Go to his web site and comply with him on LinkedIn

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